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Exceeding Your Expectations in Las Vegas, and all of Nevada


Renaissance Catering has a diverse menu of delicious cuisine for you to choose from, using only the freshest quality ingredients, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. We can accommodate any type of event catering needs; intimate gatherings, corporate events, formal weddings, movie production catering and even product launches. We work with a wide range of budgetary demands, offering high level of flexibility and creativity to make sure your event planning is flawless, and because we meticulously plan your event catering, we are able to work within your budget, if not below it. Schedule a  taste test and we will prepare a sampling of your choice so you will be confident in knowing that the food your guests are eating is tasty and satisfying for everyone.
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  • Soups & Salads
  • Entrees
  • Seafood
  • Desserts
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2. Soups & Salads
Hors D' Oeuvers

3. Entrees
Salad Samplings

4. Seafood
BBQ Samplings

5. Sides - Vegetables, Grains, Starches

Side Samplings
6. Desserts
Dessert Samplings

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-- Apple Orchard Grilled Chicken Salad --
Romaine Lettuces, Sliced Macintosh Apples, Crushed Walnuts, Whole Pea Pods, Sliced Grilled Chicken Breast. Served with a Slightly Sweet Cinnamon Italian Dressing

-- Asian Pasta Salad --
Sesame Soba Buckwheat noodle with Vegetable Medley and Pea Shoots Ceasar Salad: Romaine Hearts, Shredded Reggiano Parmesan, Garlic Croutons, Creamy Ceasar Dressing.

-- Baby Green Salad --
Mixed Baby Greens with Fresh Mozzarella, Artichokes & Kalamata Olives, Served with an Orange Basil Vinaigrette

-- Caprese Salad --
With Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil, and Red Onions, Served with Balsamic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressing

-- Hot Pasta Salad --
with Pancetta & Sorrento Lemon Vinaigrette Lemony

-- Quinoa Salad --
with Shaved Vegetables and Fresh Herb Vinaigrette

-- Roasted Beet Salad --
with Preserved Tomatoes, Grilled Eggplant, Wild Mushrooms & Roquefort Cheese Vinaigrette

-- Red Leaf & Butter Lettuce Salad --
Red Onion, Avocado &Tomato Confit With a Red Wine Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese Crumble

-- Roasted Vegetable Salad --
with Balsamic Vinaigrette Drizzle, Wilted Spinach Salad Port Wine, Shallots, Goat Cheese Cake, Spiced Pecans & Sherry Mustard Dressing



-- Oven Roasted Chicken Breast --
with Sauteed Spinach, Mushrooms & Asiago Cheese served over Orzo Pasta

-- Chicken Dijon with Lemon Butter Sauce --
Fresh Chicken Breasts with Cream, Lemon-Pepper Seasoning, and Dijon style mustard.

-- Apricot Glazed Chicken --
Boneless Chicken Breasts with a Tangy Apricot Ginger Soy Glaze Carribean Jerk Chicken Skewers of Tender Chicken Hand Rubbed with Carribean Jerk Seasonings

-- Sous Vide Chicken Roulade --
Chicken Breast Rolled with Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach & Asparagus cooked Sous Vide Style with White Port Gastrique

-- Braised Brisket of Beef --
Tender Slices of Beef with a Chianti Demi-Glaze with Fresh Rosemary Pinot

-- Braised Short Ribs --
Boneless and Rolled. Served with a Fig Reduction Sauce

-- Grilled Skirt Steak --
with Asparagus, Wild Mushroom, Prosciutto Americano & Chimichuri Steak Sauce

-- Filet Mignon --
Grilled with Compound Lavender Butter and Fresh Herbs

-- Tri Tip with Mushrooms --
Served with Red Wine Reduction Marinated Hanger Steak with Chianti Chive Butter

-- Grilled Pork Chops --
with Garlic Lime Sauce

-- Milk-Braised Pork Tenderloin --
with Spinach, Shallots and Balsamic Strawberry Salad Slow roasted pork shoulder with Bourbon soaked cherries, carrots, onions, and parsnips


Main Dishes

-- Black & Tan Atlantic Cod --
Poached in Guiness Stout & Harps Lager with a Heather Honey Mustard Glaze

-- Olive Oil Poached Halibut Served --
with Roasted Garlic & Fresh Basil Marinara

-- Pistachio Crusted Sea Bass with a Pinot Grigio Sauce --
Salt Seared Ahi with Ponzu & Massago Sauce

-- Texas BBQ Shrimp --
with Maytag Blue Cheese Slaw

-- Unilaterally Cooked Salmon --
Served on a Bed of White Wine Braised Leeks

-- Traditional New England Style Clam Bake --
with Maine lobster, shrimp, crab, Ipswich steamers, clams, corn, kielbasa, potatoes, onions, hot sauce, broth, melted butter


-- Assorted Cookies & Fudge Brownies --
Mixture of fresh baked cookies and chocolaty brownies

-- Assorted Petite Desserts--
Including Mini: Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Tiramisu, Princess Slices and Chocolate Chip Cannolis

-- Fresh Fruit Skewers--
Drizzled with Cointreau and Mint

-- Stone Fruit Slaw--
with Agave Nectar and Fresh Ginger

-- Chocolate Lava Cake--
with Pancetta & Sorrento Lemon

-- Berry Crisp--
Made with Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

-- Anti-Griddled Begian Chocolate Pops--
Live Process with Belgian Chocolate Mousse "Flash Frozen" on a Popsicle Stick

-- Begian Chocolate Fountain--
Served with Seasonal Fruits, Ceam Puffs, Oreos, Marshmallows & Pretzels

-- Chocolate Covered Strawberries--